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Biocare news

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Biocare news

Land management

Updated: Sep 21

Supporting innovative solutions for land management issues and identify carbon removal opportunities.

Burnt Timber Plantation project

Kangaroo Island, South Australia


Project Overview

Biocare has been engaged by Kiland (ASX:KIL) and subsidiary Nobrac to develop the world’s largest biochar project on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

The project will process large volumes of bushfire damaged timber plantation creating biochar before the timber degrades and avoiding the burning and release of methane.

Feed stock

This project’s feedstock is burnt plantation timber.

The trees are currently standing and we are working with the partner to provide a solution to process the timber through an efficient, compliant and high output pyrolysis system.


Biocare is providing a bespoke modular solution designed for high throughput biochar production from woody biomass.


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