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Carbon removal projects
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100+ years carbon removal

Operating across the globe

Supporting your end to end net zero or net negative journey with permanent and high quality carbon removal services.

Premium carbon removal & biochar projects

Biochar is the permanent sequestration of carbon for centuries to millenia.


We focus on large-scale carbon emissions and support local companies in identifying opportunities for carbon monetisation, demonstrating the benefits of a net-zero future for all.

Supporting companies in their path to net-zero

Using biochar, we take a measured (over modelled) approach to put an exact figure on the carbon we remove.


The carbon we remove is an asset - locked away for hundreds of years while improving soil quality, treating water and reducing methane.


Origination straight from the source creates transparency for buyers, so credits stand up against scrutiny.


Projects are modernising and scaling biochar production to diversify application and achieve significant operational advantages.


Why work with Biocare?

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What do we do?

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, permanent and high quality carbon removal is required to support more common carbon reduction strategies. Biocare offers an end to end premium service to capture your waste and to convert carbon into biochar that can be permanently stored. Our consultants and projects provide bespoke carbon dioxide removal services that are permanent, measurable, and scalable - and allow your organisations to claim a true contribution to environmental sustainability

Feasible, customisable biochar solutions that are accessible to more businesses

Co-benefit + Environmental impact + Industry transformation

Greater clarity around high-integrity credits

Proven, effective solutions

We recognise the urgency to move our economies towards net zero and Biocare is at the forefront of projects which are setting the benchmark for how industries can approach the transition to net-zero.

Action-biased solutions driving carbon removal

A solution for today to save tomorrow

Our in-house engineering and project development team are experts in developing flexible, scalable carbon removal solutions.

All of our projects feature co-benefits aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

We partner with the leading science in carbon removal methods to provide confidence in the security and permanence of all carbon removal activities.

We are continually evaluating new technologies and methods to achieve practical and scalable carbon removal.

Biocare is developing 18+ projects, representing more than 320,000 tonnes of annual CO2e removal

A solution for today to save tomorrow

End to end project support

Projects design, registration and implementation

Up-cycling biomass waste into a valuable commodity, biochar

Generating carbon removal credits which trade at a premium

Re-use of Biochar for agricultural and industrial purposes

Bringing over 80 years of cumulative experience in delivering end-to-end integration and expertise in biochar.

End to end project support

Learn more about our services and technology today

Act now and lead the journey
towards net-zero

An increasing number of international companies are committing to Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi) to reduce and eliminate...

Global Companies sign up to ambitious Science Based Target Initiatives

Global Companies sign up to ambitious Science Based Target Initiatives

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced that in order to meet our 1.5°C target, urgent action is needed before 2039...

Carbon removal plays a crucial role limiting global temperature rise

Carbon removal plays a crucial role limiting global temperature rise

In a world first, a carbon removal index has been launched on Nasdaq. The 24th March 2022 announcement by Nasdaq represents a significant...

Carbon Credit Index listed on Nasdaq

Carbon Credit Index listed on Nasdaq

If you have the questions, then we have the answers!

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What is Biochar carbon removal?

Biochar carbon removal (BCR), also known as Pyrogenic Carbon Capture and Storage, is a carbon-negative technology. This process involves producing biochar by subjecting biomass waste to pyrolysis and then upcycling the biochar to soils or long-lasting materials like cement or tar. 

Our Solutions

We provide you access to the carbon markets ecosystem. Biocare specialise in originating and developing carbon projects that generate high integrity & measurable net carbon removals, a necessity for achieving “net-zero”.

Generate a reliable, income generating waste management solution. Agribusiness & forestry producers and processors can solve their feedstock waste problems. We specialise in transforming waste biomass into a valuable commodity. 

Biomass waste management

Carbon Dioxide Removal projects (CDR)

Biocare has in-depth knowledge across compliance and voluntary carbon markets, providing financial and advisory services to our clients. We create and sell premium environmental commodities including CDR credits.

Corporate carbon solutions

Corporate carbon solutions

Turn your waste problem into a net-zero strategy. Monetise your agri-waste into a commodity that has useful agriculture and industrial applications. Biochar enhances soils, reduces fertilizer requirements, retains water and fosters soil carbon sequestration. In industry it is used as a valauable filter or as an additive to cement or asphalt.

Biochar marketing & end use

Biochar advice & end use

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