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Adopt the 'biomass to biochar' waste management approach. We partner with agri & forestry producers and processors help them convert biomass waste into an income stream. Our state of the art technology generates registry-compliant CO2 Removal Credits (CRCs) and upcycling opportunity.

Solve your biomass waste conundrum

Why agri & forestry work with Biocare?

Your waste is an asset, not a burden. By converting it to carbon, generate income from the sale of CDR at $110+USD per credit, by selling biochar for reuse in fertiliser, industrial applications and more.  

Generate income from biomass

Implement a modern waste management approach that avoids the typical headaches. No longer be affected by supply fluctuations, labour shortages, inflation space limitations and more.

Reliable waste management

We provide a turnkey solution to carbon removal: we are capable of providing services for project design, implementation, finance and monetisation of credits to guide you through the entire carbon removal process, start to finish.

Full service support

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What do we do?

Biocare uses the biomass to biochar approach to convert waste into a commodity.  Agr & forestry producers and processors have an endless supply of waste, and typically consider it a burden. We help select businesses shift their focus and treat their biomass waste as an asset. We invest in select projects using state of the art technology to produce biochar (or “black gold”) from feedstock waste. 

Talk to a consultant to learn more about our approach and if your business is eligible.

Solve the biomass waste conundrum now

Join our list of world leading businesses

Full service climate support
  • We work side by side with organisations that want to develop climate action projects and have access to biomass in the agriculture, forestry or heavy industry sectors.

  • With biochar considered a premium carbon removal strategy, credits are purchased by Biocare partner customers interested in accelerating the global transition to net zero.

  • Revenue generated from these credits return to project parters to reinvest, giving continuity to the cycle of carbon credits and revenue generation.

  • Biochar is "black gold". It reduces the reliance on nitrogen based fertiliser, promotes water retention, improves soil fertility and promotes the sequestration of carbon in soils. It also creates job opportunities and promotes circular economy processing waste into a valuable carbon commodity that can be added back to the land.

Bringing over 80 years of cumulative experience in delivering end-to-end Carbon Removal Projects with partners, through a long-term partnership model.

Full service climate support

World leading technology
  • Traditional strategies such as selling feedstock waste are at the mercy of volatility in labour, weather, supply and demand. Using the waste to biochar approach is resistant to these risks.

  • Biochar is a one of the most stable and durable sources of carbon storage (300-1000 years). As the carbon transition gains momentum, your waste management strategy will be ahead of the game.

  • Our unique, state-of-the-art processes and technology enable us to continuously improve our solutions’ performance to achieve increasingly lower costs and larger scales.

Looking to solve the cost and inconvenience of dealing with biomass waste? With 18 contracted biochar projects across Australia, Asia, the Pacific, South America and USA, we are the trusted partner for agricultural, industrial, and forestry businesses.

Reliable, future-proofed solution to waste management

Solve your biomass waste conundrum
  • By converting waste to Biochar, we capture and store carbon, which can be sold as premium carbon credits for US$110+ per credit. 

  • Biochar is an effective product with demand created by over 55 known uses in industries including agriculture, building, industrial and textile.

  • Biochar can be a useful resource for those that create it. It improves soil health, water quality, and crop yields. It can also reduce energy heating costs, with the energy created by the pyrolysis process that creates Biochar.

It's time to shift our focus of biomass waste from a burden to an asset.  The biomass to biochar approach allows you to convert agri-waste streams into new income sources, with a primary focus on agriculture and forestry.

Convert your biomass waste into an income stream

Learn more about our services and technology today

Act now and lead the journey
towards net-zero

What is a carbon removal project?

What is a carbon removal project?

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, permanent and high quality carbon removal is required to support more common carbon reduction strategies. Biocare offers an end to end premium service to capture your waste and to convert carbon into biochar that can be permanently stored. Our consultants and projects provide bespoke carbon dioxide removal services that are permanent, measurable, and scalable - and allow your organisations to claim a true contribution to environmental sustainability

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Global Companies sign up to ambitious Science Based Target Initiatives

Global Companies sign up to ambitious Science Based Target Initiatives

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced that in order to meet our 1.5°C target, urgent action is needed before 2039...

Carbon removal plays a crucial role limiting global temperature rise

Carbon removal plays a crucial role limiting global temperature rise

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Carbon Credit Index listed on Nasdaq

Carbon Credit Index listed on Nasdaq

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