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TOWING and Biocare announce multi-project, global agriculture carbon removal partnership

Pioneering biochar and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) project developer Biocare and Japanese agri-tech TOWING, a spin off from Nagoya University, have announced a partnership to accelerate carbon removal and soil improvement in global agriculture.


Recognising the urgency to move the global economy towards net zero, and acknowledging the critical role collaborative partnerships will play in accelerating responses to climate change, the Australian - Japanese partnership will focus on developing and scaling the global market for biochar.


The partnership will see Biocare facilitating the production of biochar for TOWING’s soil amendment technology, for projects spanning Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA and Latin America, providing the catalyst for the biochar industry to adopt end use application frameworks. It illustrates the potential for biochar's use as a soil amendment to improve food security and soil health while removing carbon from the atmosphere.


TOWING’s unique soil technology, which last year received $US 7.7m of funding from Japanese investors including Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, will add increased value to the biochar generated by Biocare’s global portfolio of biochar projects, which have a projected issuance of 248,000 CDR credits per annum.


TOWING’s patented technology SORATAN develops a microorganism based super functional soil amendment material. SORATAN combined with organic fertilizer can increase fertility of soil by 20~70% leading to increased yield of crops, while upcycling local material and storing CO2 into soil.


Australian-based Biocare is a global leader in biochar CDR project development and monetisation, partnering with agricultural and forestry businesses to implement biochar projects to help them manage their biomass waste, generate CDR credits and upcycle waste into an additional income stream.


Biocare co-founder and CEO Abraham Robertson

“We are thrilled to be partnering with TOWING. Together we are tackling two of the greatest economic opportunities in agriculture: Biochar and CDR. Demonstrating it is possible to deliver an end-to-end solution that not only contributes to climate change mitigation but improves soil health and consequently food security.’’


TOWING founder and CEO Kohei Nishida

We believe partnership with Biocare can create a large-scale impact on carbon removal and soil health. Bringing Biocare’s expertise on high quality biochar project development and TOWING’s expertise on microbial and soil health technology for each project will create a high-quality carbon credit project, which is becoming increasingly important to tackle today’s climate and ecological issues comprehensively.


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