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Nasdaq acquires majority stake in carbon removal company

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In June of 2021 Nasdaq announced it had acquired a majority stake in carbon innovator

In a statement, Nasdaq explained that the new partnership would enhance it’s Environmental Social and Governance products and services for corporate clients and customers.

The news of Nasdaq’s investment in comes after Nasdaq’s 2019 and 2020 Sustainability Report announced the companies third consecutive year of carbon neutrality [1] [2]. This investment in the carbon-neutral industry sets an example for other global companies to urgently tackle their own emissions.

Antti Vihavainen, CEO, welcomed the strategic partnership in an announcement by the company, “the investment will enable our growth and set us on the path to mobilizing carbon removal at a global industrial scale”. [3].

According to Nasdaq’s statement, will continue to operate as an independent company following this new investment from Nasdaq [4]. is a business-to-business marketplace, standard and registry focused on carbon removal. Carbon dioxide removal requires physically capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and stabilizing it into a durable storage. provides carbon removal as a service, helping corporate buyers create a long-term procurement portfolio to neutralize their carbon footprint and reach net zero. [5]. Customers are issued Carbon dioxide Removal Certificates (CORCs) for each ton of carbon dioxide removed. These CORCs are verified by an independent party to ensure they comply with’s methodology. has attracted major clients with SEB, a leading financial services company, Microsoft and Shopify amongst a growing list of customers increasingly conscious of their own carbon impact.

Fortum, a major European energy company, will remain as a minority shareholder after agreeing to the sale. Fortum has supported as part of Fortum’s Valkea Growth Club for over two years. Llkka Lassila, COO of Valkea Growth Club, expressed hope for the future of this partnership, “We are confident that together with Nasdaq, will help the carbon removal industry to take a giant leap forward”[6].

The success of as a start-up in the carbon market place sets a shining example for other developing companies in the low-carbon industry.

Establishing a carbon removal market is an example of collaboration between the financial industry, innovative start-ups, investors and engineering and scientific experts. Continued partnership is key to limiting and reversing the impacts of anthropological carbon emissions.

The rapid growth of carbon markets is a reminder of the urgency to transitioning the global economy towards a net-zero future. The removal of carbon from the atmosphere will curb the rise in future global temperatures, reducing the worst consequences of global warming for current and future generations.

“The global temperature will stabilise when carbon dioxide emissions reach net zero” [7]

BioCare is committed to a sustainable future and strives to play its role in a zero carbon future.

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